Stars in Your Heart

“When you look out to the stars, you are looking into your own heart.”

– Carolyn MagiThoth


[Sacred Poetry] Rhiannon

Wading through the Mists
Of Ancient Time
The Goddess seeks my eye
A warrior amongst the Trees
The shadows daren’t hide her glow
Of Emerald green and Ebony
Her gaze pierces my mind
With my curious permission
Her quest for my Truth
Confirming her intuition
The Mist sparkles
With the ambience of the Fae
As our journey
Along the Mystic Pathway
Falls to a rushing stream
She thanks me as a sister
Existing in an alternative reality
“I have seen your intentions,
And you are welcome here with me,
Let us share the knowledge,
And our future dreams,
Let us remember,
That not all is as it seems…
I Am Rhiannon.”

Carolyn “MagiThoth” Caine-Caitlin  –  November 2009

FaeQueen 4thJuly2013