WIN This Beautiful Labradorite Crystal!


This gorgeous piece of Labradorite is currently up for grabs on my facebook page ~

To be in to win, head on over and follow the simple instructions!  Easy!

*Prize drawn this Friday the 4th of July at 9.00pm New Zealand time (Thursday for Northern Hemisphere).
*Open Internationally. No hidden fees etc.

Good luck!!

Many blessings, Arohanui & Namaste ~ Carolyn x

Creations, Consciousness and Time Management

I made a head chain/crown on New Years Eve. Just a simple antique bronze chain with angel wings and clasp at the back. It features red coral with snowflake obsidian dangly at the front, and suspended from that is a small Ankh which sits on the forehead. I haven’t added any extra dangly bits permanently to the chain yet, but have clipped on a keychain/hair piece I made earlier with charms and crystals. So that can be taken off and clipped on whenever I like. I am unsure wether I will sell this one, though I will be creating more of them.

I’ve been wearing it every now and then, and notice that when it’s on, my consciousness changes. It’s kind of like when I write backwards (ref Da Vinci). A consciousness shift.
The red and black are base chakra colours. Much needed after a very high end to the year and start to 2014! I knew I needed grounding after all of that fun and the two weddings, and it’s working really well to bring me back down to earth.

Another stone that has been working fantastically lately is Ametrine. So I’m going to make that available for more people to experience the benefits of. Abundance in all forms!! I call it my Abundance Amulet, because it is behaving in exactly the manner it was *intended* for!

However, it’s been really hard for me to have a proper break these holidays, my three boys are with me pretty much 24/7 until February when school starts, with little breaks here and there. It’s difficult because people are still demanding of my time, readings and healing techniques, jewellery, spirit contact etc…but my kids are also demanding of my time. If they don’t get their mum, they play up lol. And it’s just me! I’ve really had to put what’s present at the top of my list and work from there, making methodical order of the chaos at a manageable rate for me so I don’t stuff my arms again too lol. I’ve had tennis elbow in both arms for many months, so I must space out the creating and writing etc, also being mindful of my movements and if I’m metaphysically ‘shouldering too much responsibility’ or ‘giving too much of myself away’. Being a healer, I know that I must take care of myself so I can take better care of others.
It just so happens this has been my busiest end of year/start of a new year in regards to children and all things business and creative ~ so I’m on a new learning curve trying to keep all things running smoothly single handed =)

All in all, the crystals are working their Magick well, the children are happy and my arms are ok so far. All is good.

Sending out many healing blessings to all, and will update later with a photo of the head chain/crown!

Carolyn xx

Nz Women’s Lifestyle Expo 2014

Please make sure to come and visit me if you are in the Hamilton area in May 2014! I will be attending my very first Expo in New Zealand with a bunch of my healing jewellery, crafts and dreamcatchers!

Hamilton Women’s Lifestyle Expo New Zealand – 17th and 18th May

Being held at:
Claudelands Events Centre, Brooklyn Road.

Open Saturday / Sunday 10.00am – 5.00pm

It’s a very exciting and brand new opportunity for me, to get out there and meet the people who love my crystal treasures and share some beautiful healing energy around. I may also be doing free Oracle Readings!
If you can make it, I’d love to see you there!

I’ll be setting up on the Friday and the Expo begins on Saturday. I will be there with my friend Vicky supporting and helping me through the whole weekend! Should be a blast and we are really looking forward to it =)

Many blessings, Arohanui and Namaste ~ Carolyn xx

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Sale on my Facebook Page

Sale now on my Facebook Page at Pure Craft Nz!

You may just find a beautiful healing item for yourself or a loved one, hand made by me, in New Zealand and filled with wonderful healing blessings =)

Follow the link below to get to the Event Page and join for great savings!