Update on my New Website!

Hi everyone!

Sooo, it’s taken me a bit longer than expected to get a new website up and running!  Previously, I had been working to update this one, however – it has proved to be quite the long road when it comes to coding, programming, and designing each and every page, button, link etc etc. sooo, I popped my thinking cap on, and decided to try building a new site from scratch, just to see how I liked using a different host and format.  And I have to tell you, I’m loving it, so I’m sticking with it!

The new site is refreshing.  As a website designer, I am more than thrilled with the ease of use there is, for both myself, and for people visiting my site.  And this is what I love the most:  Simplicity.  Everything is clean, clear, fresh, and easy to use.

This means that this current site will no longer be used, and I’ll be closing my Etsy shop once the new site is launched.  In this time, I have decided I won’t be updating them (that’s why you’re not seeing anything new!), and am putting all of my time into getting the new site complete.  Otherwise I’m updating 3 different places with the same info etc.  So as you can guess, that’s a lot of extra work for just little ol’ me!

I am still keeping the domain name PureCraftNz.com, and the new site will hopefully be launched in the next week or two.  So excited to launch!!  And I think you’ll all appreciate the effort I’ve gone to, to create this new online experience for us all.

Here’s a wee peek at one of the pages on the new site:

New Pure Craft Nz website featuring the Pendants & Necklaces page.

I do hope you enjoy the look and feel of the new site, and I look forward to launching and presenting it to you once complete.  Thanks for hanging in there with me, and see you all soon over on the new site! Yayyy!!!

Many blessings and much love,

Carolyn x 🌿💎

Free Tarot & Oracle Reading for June 2016!

Osho Zen Tarot (left), Rune Oracle (center), and the Archangel Oracle (right).
You are invited to choose a card for A FREE Reading!
  1. Feel free to choose a card (before scrolling down).  Take a deep breath, and choose the one you feel most drawn to.  You are free to choose more than one if you like!
  2. Below, are the meanings.
  3. You are most welcome to comment below with your choice, and any feedback or questions you might have.
  4. Feel free to share with your friends or family who may be interested!

This reading has been performed with blessings asked for your highest good, and highest healing benefit – with Myrrh and Jasmine incense burning softly in the background.  You may like to burn a little of this incense to invoke a deeper connection with your reading.


Osho Zen Tarot, Rune Oracle, and the Archangel Oracle – Your Meanings:




  1.  Left:  Osho Zen Tarot –  Ordinariness

    This card has come to you today to remind you that there is a sweet beauty to ordinariness, and simplicity.  Perhaps you already enjoy this way of life, or perhaps you feel this way within?  Perhaps you would sometimes prefer to have an ordinary, more simple and less hectic lifestyle.  Or it may be that you are currently making some changes within, and even in your life, to create more simplicity.  Doing so creates a greater flow of harmony in your daily life.

    If this is what you are seeking, you are guided to start from within.  It can be as simple as being immersed in nature, and by mindfully breathing, and observing your surroundings with all of your senses.  You may feel that you would like to change what you eat, or maybe even how you exercise, or how you think.  There are so many different ways to achieving a more ordinary, peaceful, and simple way of life – and it starts with you.  You may already have some ideas of your own, so perhaps now is the time to let your ideas bloom into reality, and take the next step toward inner peace, and a more harmonious life.

  2. Center:  Runes Oracle – Pertho

    The meaning of this Rune, is “Destiny”, and its keyword is Risk.  It is associated with inevitability and fate.

    This card has come as a symbol of celebrating the unexpected, and also to remind you that in life, sometimes we must take risks if we want to have a shot at fulfilling our dreams.  If one does not take risks – especially when it comes to our dreams – then there is less of a chance of manifesting these dreams into reality.  When we give in to our fears and doubts, it creates a blockage towards achieving our goals – excessive fear can even paralyze us into not moving forward – in effect, being “stuck” in stagnancy.
    The time is now for you to have faith in yourself, and act upon any ideas that you know you would really love to do.  Cast your fears, doubts, or concerns to the winds, giving them up to your guides, angels, or God – and move forward with confidence.  This means, trust yourself.

    The power of this rune helps us to open up to ourselves, to others, and to the world.  It enhances empathy, and creates an eagerness to experience new ways of life, new cultures, and alternate ways of living.

  3. Right:  Archangel Oracle – Divine Order

    Archangel Raguel:  “Everything is how it needs to be right now.  Look past illusion, and see underlying order”.

    This card has come to you today to let you know that a positive resolution is currently manifesting – a solution that is fair to all concerned.  You are being urged right now to keep your mind focused on the positive.  Keep any thoughts and words about this situation, only focused on a positive outcome, as doing so creates a greater chance that things will work for the highest good of all, and will increase and lift your spirits as well.  You are powerful, so to keep your energy aligned, you may like to listen to uplifting music, immerse in nature, or practice affirmations to bring more positivity into your aura or energy field.

    Remember, Archangel Raguel is here to support you any time, you may call on this Archangel to help keep your faith, heart and mind uplifted.  To feel the energy of this Archangel with you, hold or keep with you an Aquamarine crystal as this crystal reflects the energy of this wonderful Archangel.

Overall vibe from the entire reading:

Inner Peace.  Trust yourself.  Take risks.  Think & Speak Positively.  Balance.  Breathe.


May many blessings befall you upon your journey ~  Carolyn 😊🌿🌙🙏🏻

New Meditative Colouring Mandala! April 2016

Here’s a new Meditative Colouring Mandala I created today.  I do hope you enjoy 😊🌿

Just right click to save or print!  Plus, you can find more by clicking here.

Heart Star


Here’s a snap below of the last one I made, then coloured with pencils!

Dragon Wheel with coloured pencil.

Behind the Scenes – April 2016

Hey there everyone, just a bit of an update with the happenings and goings on at Pure Craft Nz recently 😊 🌿

Lots of things have been happening behind the scenes here at Pure Craft Nz the last couple of months.  I have made so many new and wonderful items that I am excited to share with you!  Though you’ll have to stay tuned for me to update my Etsy Shop and this website due to recent renovations and injury.  Lots of photos have been taken of these new treasures, it’s just a matter of getting everything uploaded, typed up, and listed.  However, I am always here to take custom order requests.

Through April and May, I’m also working on updating this website, by adding more individual pages for items that are available, clearing out images of stock that have sold, and adding a Shopping Cart and buttons so that customers may purchase directly from this website securely.  It’s very exciting and lots of hard work, though I do love it, so I really appreciate your patience while I work diligently behind the scenes!

I have also decided that I won’t be doing any Expo’s this year, though will attend one in Hamilton, May 2017.  While it has been a lot of fun traveling across our beautiful country, meeting new people and fans, and experiencing new places over the last few years – I have decided to do things just a little differently this year, and free up more time – to create more, to work more on my website, to hold more Facebook sales and giveaways, to give myself more valuable time with family, and attend Temple.

During the month of February, we had a total bathroom renovation which sent all manner of routine flying straight out the door!  For a solo mother of three young lads (7, 13, and 16 years old), it’s quite a thing to have no toilet or shower for over a week!  So we had to spend much more time at nana’s house, and a few days in a motel.  It was a bit of an adventure, especially with a park and skate park right next door!  The rest of the time was spent with me trying to work with tradesmen coming at different hours almost every day for weeks – and that kinda just didn’t happen as well as I’d hoped!  Thankfully, the bathroom is now complete, and there is so much more room, even our shower is bigger – yay!!

Now all that’s left to say, is that I have suffered a couple of injuries – so I’ve had to figure out different ways of coping and getting about from day to day.  Last year I suffered quite a bad fall and ended up with a hematoma in my left shin, and stretched all the tendons in my left foot/ankle.  Will it really “teach me” to not go adventuring with my kids in the bush?  Maybe/maybe not?!  So it’s been around 8 months since that happened.  It’s taking some time to heal completely.  The hematoma has almost gone, yet is still rather sensitive and sore even though most of the bruising has gone.  It was black and blue from just below my knee, all the way down to my foot, and was so swollen and sore I couldn’t walk unaided for almost two months!

With regards to work, I am a person who predominantly stands all day and night.  I even bought a new standing workdesk/station (with a crank to raise and lower it) so I don’t have to sit down while on the computer or creating, as too much stooping aggravates the back.  During the last few months, I have had to learn how to sit, put my feet up, and do nothing.  I can’t describe how difficult that actually was!  Can you imagine that when you have three kids?!
My ankle unfortunately, is taking the most amount of time to heal.  I must keep a careful eye on the amount of standing and walking that I do, because if I overdo it, my ankle will pinch – and it’s just no fun when going down stairs!  I enjoy my morning walking meditations before work, so I am slowly easing myself back into it.  I really love soaking up the vibes of my neighbourhood, greeting neighbours, and taking in the sights, sounds, and smells that float on the breeze. It brings me a sense of peace, and sets me up for the day ahead.

Another injury is actually work related, and is the ol’ tennis elbow and pinchy wrist playing up.  I’ve had this for almost 3 years now, but have been managing quite well and don’t normally experience pain – it’s only when I overdo it, that my body says “sorry, but you need to stop right now and take care of yourself” – and so I do.  The last 2/3 weeks I have had another flare up, only on the right side this time, and am using kinesiology strapping tape for support.  Gosh, it helps so much.  I’ve also been complimenting the healing of the pain, with a Pain Relief Bracelet I made some time ago – Fluorite & Turquoise are amazing.

I see these illnesses or injuries etc, as a metaphysical response manifesting as a physical disruption. When I think metaphysically, I can consciously stop and reassess what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it.  Obviously, too much “doing” isn’t always a good thing!  So sometimes, it’s good to stop.  Like Buddha says:  “Don’t just do something, sit there!” 😄🙏🏻🌿


With much love and many healing blessings,

Carolyn x

New Colouring Mandala!

I have created a new Meditative Colouring Mandala!  I do hope you enjoy =)

By colouring in Mandalas (or creating your own), or any sort of colouring, it is a great way to bring you back to the all powerful Present Moment.  It encourages concentration/focus, and brings a relaxing calm.
By consciously choosing your colours, and paying attention to the shapes, you bring about more Mindfulness.

Just right click to save or print!  You can find more here.

Anticlockwise Swirling Starburst
Anticlockwise Swirling Starburst

Random Card for the Day! Encouragement – Enchanted Map Oracle

Enchanted Map Oracle - by Colette Baron-Reid
Enchanted Map Oracle Cards – by Colette Baron-Reid


Welcome 😊

This card of Encouragement comes to you today, as you are being given a gentle nudge in the right direction.  You have been doing some great work, and are making steady progress – even if perhaps you may not feel like that at present, remember that even small steps can take us up the mountain.  This card comes as a reminder that the Universe is supporting you, your dreams, and your best wishes for your highest good.  For when you are acting from your highest good, you have the ability to reach further, reach higher, and make a greater difference and impact on those around you, and the very fabric of your reality.

Now is the time to step into your power, and explore the exciting world and opportunities that are around you.  If you ever need any assistance or spiritual guidance, remember that your Spirit Guides and the Universe, are right there for you at any time for you to call upon.  Relax, and notice the little signs that are all around you – these could be repetitive thoughts, or coincidences, for example.

For now, know that you are currently on the right track!  Smile, breathe, and let go of any worries or concerns you may have.  Surrender any cares to the Universe or your Spirit Guides so they may transform this energy into supportive energy.  And most of all, have faith, and trust in your capable self.  Keep going!


~Reading divined by Carolyn “MagiThoth” Caine-Caitlin, with Dragon’s Blood and Myrrh incense burning softly in the background.

Arohanui and Namaste ~ May Ye Walk In Light Always ☀️✨🌿🔮🌹💕

Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle for the Year 2016 – A New Dawn

Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle by Doreen Virtue - A New Dawn
Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle by Doreen Virtue – A New Dawn

This is a fantastic card to describe the year 2016!

A New Dawn breaks, a New Year is here.  Our eyes look to the future, with hope, with excitement, with a feeling that this year is going to be better than the last – that this year, has a much lighter vibration.  And it does.

This card has come to say that many people have endured a rough time, and that is plainly obvious when we stop for a moment and look around.  But those of us who are present here today, have survived to see this new dawn – and it is up to each and every single one of us to make the most of this new year, and its boundless new opportunities for growth in a wide variety of ways.

Close your eyes for a moment, and envision yourself sitting at the edge of the waters on an infinite ocean.  See the waves washing over you, washing away anything old that you no longer need – old energy, old dramas, old thoughts etc.  Take three deep breaths and just sit for a moment.  Allow this flow.  Then, lift your eyes up to envision a new sunrise over the oceanic horizon – notice the light seemingly from heaven, touch the waters, the sky, the lands, and your face – filling you with warmth, comfort and peace.  This loving energy is what 2016 is offering you.  Be open to receiving this wonderful new energy.  Breathe.  Breathe it in.

This card is a very positive one, and I’m so glad it popped up to represent 2016.  It is letting us know that there are many good things awaiting us all this year.  All of the hard work, prayers, and positive thoughts and affirmations have been heard.  This is the year where things change for the better.  This New Dawn is the beginning of something special.  You can feel it in your bones, you can smell it on the air.  Let yourself enjoy all it has to offer.


With much love and healing blessings, I wish you all a wonderful 2016 from my heart to yours!

Carolyn x

Expo Excess Xmas Sale & Auction!

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.15.00 pm
Click the image to go to the Event being held on Facebook!

Due to excess Expo stock, I am having one last sale before Xmas!!!

This one is being held on the Pure Craft Nz Facebook Page – just click on the link or the image above, to get there and Join in.

  • Save yourself 30% OFF EVERYTHING ON SALE you see in the event!!
  • All instructions for purchasing are included within the Event Description.

Plus, join in on the Auctions!

  • Items will be posted and pinned to the top of the Event Wall while the auction is current.  When it has ended and a new auction starts, the new auction will be pinned to the top of the Event Wall.
  • Auctions are just ONE HOUR in duration.  All instructions for bidding and purchasing are included within the Event Description.

Below are a few featured items that will be up for grabs during the Sale Event.

Most of all, I wish everyone a great time!!  I do hope you enjoy my blessed crystal & dream-catcher creations =)

Many blessings and kind regards,

Carolyn x

25% off until Friday!!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.05.59 pm

Visit my Etsy Shop online for 25% off everything over $20.00 NZD!!  Offer ends this Friday, so get in quick! Use code:  XMAS25 to secure your discount.

Or, if you prefer – visit me on Facebook, or email me using the form below.

New Colouring Mandala!

I have created a new Meditative Colouring Mandala today!  I hope you enjoy =)

Just right click to save or print!  You can find more here.

Flower Moons
Flower Moon