New Zealand artist Carolyn Caine-Caitlin

…creates Healing Crystal Jewellery and Dreamcatchers to assist in your journey & ultimate well-being.

A solo mother of 3 young boys ages 16, 13 and 6 years old, these boys are a great source of her inspiration and have their own amazing spiritual stories to tell.
Her eldest son Bronson – who was born three months prematurely, suffering severe brain damage and paralysis of the whole left hand side of his body after she slipped down some stairs during a very tough time in life [there is a link to his story on this page – more coming soon] – is a great testament to the Power of our Minds, and the vibrational healing effects of crystals.  They have all taught me a lot.

Carolyn is a spiritual artist greatly connected to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Born a natural healer and spiritual Master 33, Carolyn enjoys creating marvellous treasures for people the world over to assist them in attaining alternative healing for their highest good, or simply to own a wonderful and unique, one of a kind piece of jewellery or healing creation.

Carolyn has received much private and public feedback on her creations, with many people reporting the great healing energy and changes they have experienced for themselves and their loved ones – which makes it all the more exciting and inspiring – driving her to create more unique pieces for others around the world, so they too can share in the amazing benefits of these wonderful Earth Treasures.

Every piece is unique, One of a Kind (Ooak), and Divinely Guided by Spirit while created through Sacred Breath and Song. Remember, you’re not just buying jewellery, you’re purchasing sacred blessed healing, designed for the new Keepers highest good!  And we could all use a little more goodness!  All creations are blessed and infused with healing, loving, protective and abundant energies and intent for the highest good, using ancient techniques used for thousands of years.  Some creations will also be placed under specific phases of the moon. 

Carolyn has a life-long background in Art – as a child had many dreams coming true, and de ja vu – and in her early teens found great interest in Alternative/Vibrational/Metaphysical Healing, Mindfulness Techniques and the vast areas of Spirituality, discovering many spiritual “gifts” of her own along her journey.  One of these gifts is for reading the Tarot and Oracle, which she has done with great accuracy for around 18 years.  Another “gift” is her natural ability to assist in the healing and well-being of others.
Carolyn is also a current First Degree Rosicrucian, and member of AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis) in Auckland, New Zealand.

An interesting fact:

The name Pure Craft Nz comes from Carolyn’s last name: Caine-Caitlin, meaning Pure Craftsman.  Carolyn also creates all of her healing items using Sacred Sounds, which also aligns with her first name meaning: Pretty Melody or Joyous Song.

[If you are interested in viewing my Esoteric Writing with Guidance from Thoth the Atlantean, please follow the link to my Esoteric site].

Many blessings be upon every breath you take _/][\_

Carolyn x


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