FREE Choose Your Own Oracle Reading – 29th June 2014

Choose the card/s you are drawn to!
The Archangel Oracle & Numerology Guidance Oracle Cards

Here, you are invited to choose a card for a FREE Oracle Reading ~

  1. Feel free to choose a card (before scrolling down).  Choose the one you feel most drawn to.  You are free to choose more than one if you like!
  2. Below, are the meanings to your readings.
  3. You are most welcome to comment below with your choice, and any feedback or questions you might have.
  4. Feel free to share with your friends or family who may be interested!

This reading has been performed with blessings asked for your highest good, and highest healing benefit.


Archangel Oracle & Numerology Guidance Oracle – Your Meanings:


Your Archangel Oracle & Numerology Guidance Oracle Meanings
Your Archangel Oracle & Numerology Guidance Oracle Meanings


  1. Archangel Uriel – Claircognizance – “Pay attention to thoughts and ideas that come to you, as they are answered prayers.” 

    This card has come because you have been praying, and asking for answers and they have come to you in the form of thoughts and ideas that seem to repeat in your mind. This is higher guidance coming to you to show you the next step. Trust in yourself and your angels to guide you along the right path through these changes. This card says to always trust your thoughts, and never shrug them off as something like “just common knowledge”, because your thoughts are connected and aligned with divine wisdom right now. Trust in your inner knowing, and act upon your answered prayers!

    Working with Archangel Uriel:
      Uriel’s name means “Light of God”. He is known to enlighten minds with the inspiration they need to move forward in Divine Wisdom. Any time you need guidance from him, just call upon him, he will answer anyone. You’ll know that he’s answered you, when repetitive thoughts start to occur that are loving, positive, and helpful. You may even call on him in a hurry situation. He will give you the information you need quickly, just trust in the info he gives to you.

  2. Archangel Ariel –  Courage –  “Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.”You have chosen this card as a symbol to stand strong, draw upon your courage and remain true to your beliefs.  Even if others seem to disagree, know that Archangel Ariel is working in the background, and keeping you protected from harm.  You are one of our Warrior Angels of Light, and as you stand strong, and remain true to your beliefs, you set an example by leading the way for others.  This is a very important part of Spiritual Teaching, for by witnessing your courage, others will be inspired and confident in their own principles and beliefs.

    Working with Archangel Ariel:  Ariel’s name means “Lioness of God”, and she indeed reflects these qualities, including bravery, courage, focus, and elegant movements.  If you happen to notice lions or lionesses, this actually signals that Ariel is with you.  Make sure and call upon her to boost your confidence, and your courage.

  3. Numerology Number 26 –  Love Partnership
    You have chosen this card because Spirit wants you to know that this is a time where a romantic relationship is about to enter your life.  You may be single right now and could be about to meet a special someone.  You could also be in a relationship already, but this relationship may well be about to progress into a deeper level of commitment and one-ness – a deeper level of understanding between you both.  Either way, this card indicates love is just around the bend – you just have to believe.
    Before a good foundation can be built, you must focus on what you have to offer the other person, rather than what you would like to receive.  Doing so will attract a partnership that is mutually beneficial and loving, one that will serve both of your needs.  Just remember, in order for love to be present in your life, you must believe that it exists.  This may also present an opportunity to work on any negative thought patterns or beliefs that hold you back in regards to love.In order to improve your current situation, you are being guided to come back to center, ground and get back into the natural rhythm and cycles of life – these cycles do indeed include leading you toward a romantic partnership.  Make sure to love and nurture yourself, and accept and embrace any imperfections you have, as these help to make up the “whole” of your Being, that which makes you, uniquely You.  Make sure to love and be grateful for who you are right now, and remember that you are most deserving and worthy of this love.  Your future loved one will appear when you know for sure, that without doubt, you are worthy, deserving, and loveable.

    Affirmation:  I don’t know how… I don’t know when… but love is on its way.

  4. Numerology Number 96 –  ForgivenessThis card has come to you today as it indicates a time where you need to look at the issue of forgiveness – for yourself, and for others.  By releasing and forgiving yourself and others of past hurts or any unresolved issues, you give yourself a place where peace can be attained.  Let go of any negativity, jealousy, resentment or plain bad feelings about something you or someone else may have done or said, it could also be a not so pleasant situation or event.  Release, let go, and forgive.  We are all human, and a part of our growth is to make mistakes, to learn, and to move forward.  Holding onto negative emotions and thoughts about something that caused upset, just brings more upset into your present experience.  You are being asked now, for the sake of your own health and happiness, to please forgive the past.

    Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that we accept or condone what has taken place, it doesn’t mean we need to send blessings there either.  This is a form of letting go of the past, releasing that which does not serve you for your highest good.  This way, you have the opportunity to move forward in peace.  This helps to create a happier future.  Bitterness and holding onto any negative feelings, will only cause more upset and disappointment.  Forgiveness is an amazing and beneficial way, to free your Spirit – set yourself free!

    In order to improve your current situation, you are being guided to come back to center, ground and get back into the natural rhythm and cycles of life.  When you can harmonize yourself with these natural cycles, you can bring more peace into your life, and release any fears or negative feelings and thoughts you may have about the past, allowing you to move on, and step into the future with peace and harmony, and with a gentle confidence.  You improve your future prospects and invite more goodness into your life, when you can let go, practice acceptance, and act upon forgiveness.

    Affirmation:  I create a happier future as I accept and forgive the past.


With much love and healing blessings, I wish you well upon your journey ~

Arohanui & Namaste ~  Carolyn x

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