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Currently, I am working with the following decks:

  • Osho Zen Tarot
  • Shadowscapes Tarot
  • Druid Craft Tarot
  • Earth Magic Oracle
  • Healing with the Angels Oracle
  • Numerology Guidance Oracle
  • Archangel Michael Oracle

*Decks I work with change from time to time.
**Prices are at the bottom of the page.

[June 2015] ***There is currently up to a 2 week wait on delivery of your reading.
Your patience is most appreciated during this busy time!

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Your Personal Reading Will Include
  • A well written PDF document of your reading will be sent to your email address.
  • A photo of your reading is well displayed.
  • Possible bonus complimentary cards!
  • Blessings and prayers said for your highest good.

Performing Your Reading

When I Divine for someone over the internet, I head out into my Meditation and Healing Room which is set up with wonderful tropical plants, nature canvas prints, Buddha, and watercolour images of people in sleep or meditation.  I have a small selection of crystals like crystal skulls, a crystal ball, pyramid, Merkaba, plus a Tibetan Singing Bell, a bust of Nefertiti, and many wonderful and informative magazines, decks and healing items.

I burn incense with every reading performed, and sometimes play soft music – or I listen to the sounds of nature.  When I ask for blessings and guidance for your highest good, and highest healing benefit – I am speaking directly to Source/God as I shuffle for you.

* I have never needed to, and will never ask someone what their question is.  Please don’t tell me*

However, it is completely okay to tell me what your question was *after* I have performed your reading.  I really love hearing what someone’s question was, and most people will tend to reflect with me afterwards with how it resonates with them in their lives, or what is currently happening for them.

Oracle Cards

…are a beautiful and safe way to find out what messages Spirit or the Universe has for you. They can lend insight, guidance and more often than not, can give you confirmation.  Oracle cards have a very light feeling, and are fine for even children to use. Oracle Readings are especially good for people who are very sensitive.

Tarot cards

…are far more esoteric in nature, and also show the shadow aspects. However, I personally find if you are nicely aligned, you are capable of managing any shadow messages that may appear, as you realize nothing is set in concrete, and these may come as warnings, allowing you a bigger picture, and a better stand point with what you may decide to do, or perhaps not to do.


I have been working with Spirit for many years of my life since I was a child.  I have been reading Tarot & Oracle for 18 years for many people including friends and family, business owners, artists, other psychics, healers and many more curious, wonderful people throughout New Zealand and the world.
I absolutely love being able to share this gift with others who may be seeking some clarity, guidance, or even to find confirmation – I still love people’s reactions and the synchronicities that come about for them – which is one of the main reasons I offer this service for people – it is rather fun!
Connecting with Spirit for your highest good, is a great gift I’m happy to share.

Pricing for Tarot and Oracle (NZD)

  • Single Card Reading:  $15.00
    Represents Your “Present”
  • 3 Card Reading:  $40.00
    Represents Your “Past, Present, and Future within 3 Months”
  • 5 Card Reading:  $65.00  – Represents:
    Card 1:  “You”
    Card 2:  “Your Present”
    Card 3:  “Your Future over the next 3 months
    Card 4:  “The Issue”
    Card 5:  “Resolution for the Issue”
  • 6 Card Reading:  $75.00 x2 cards each for your Past, Present, and Future.
  • 10 Card Reading:  $120.00  – x2 cards each for what is mentioned in the 5 Card Reading

To Book In, or Purchase Now

  1. You may use the Contact Form below.
  2. Email me at: with your inquiry.
  3. You may purchase now through my online ETSY shop.


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