Amethyst & Chinese Green Jade Wire Wrapped Pendant

Amethyst & Green Jade Copper Wrapped Pendant

Amethyst & Green Jade Copper Wrapped Pendant –  $28.00

A beautiful Amethyst and Chinese Green Jade pendant hand wrapped in Copper. Perfect for headaches and migraines, sleep, spiritual protection as well as good fortune, luck and abundance!

Amethyst is a high protection stone, fantastic for dreams, visions, and the Third Eye Chakra – while Chinese Green Jade is great for the Heart Chakra, protection, good fortune/luck and is also a protective stone – especially good for women.

This pendant comes on a black waxed adjustable cord 40cm long.

Size: 3.5cm to 4cm in length x 1cm to 1.5cm wide


$28.00  NZD + P&H

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Shop & Buy in my Online ETSY Shop

Purple/Blue Fluorite & Labradorite Pendant with Caduceus


Purple/Blue Fluorite & Labradorite Pendant – $26.00

Purple/Blue Fluorite & Labradorite Pendant with Caduceus -  $26.00

A beautiful Purple and Blue Fluorite pendant with a Labradorite sphere, featuring a Caduceus charm in Tibetan Silver and small Swarovski crystals.

Fluorite is a fantastic stone for negating negative energies given off by electronics such as mobile phones and computers etc. It is also fantastic for teeth and nerve problems wherever in the body they may be. Also a great stone for colds, flu, fever and hay fever.
The purple and blue hues will be of great benefit for the Third Eye Chakra, and the Throat Chakra respectively – bringing clearer vision and communication.

Labradorite is a fantastic healer – especially for those who are Healer’s themselves. This one is a sparkly grey in appearance, though will get a flash of blue, and perhaps a very rare flash of pink in this one. (Purple and pink flashes in Labradorite are extremely rare).

The Caduceus is a highly mystical symbol, symbolizing health, the Rising of the Kundalini, the Quabilistic Tree of Life, the Chakra System, and our ability to reprogram our DNA. A symbol of the Greek god Hermes Trismegistus, also known as the Egyptian god Thoth (the Atlantean Priest King).

Necklace is on a black waxed adjustable cord, and is 40cm long.
The pendants overall length is 8.5cm


$26.00  NZD + P&H

  • Prices are in New Zealand Dollars.
  • You will be notified by email when your treasure has shipped.


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  • You may Contact the Artist directly to receive an invoice with banking options and PayPal details  –  Please quote code:  115
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Shop & Buy in my Online ETSY Shop

Creativity is the Stepping Stone to Move Forward

Heart Chakra - Healing Art

Heart Chakra – Healing Art

Spirit has come to me with a message – through an Osho Zen Tarot reading.

The message is this:

Creativity is the stepping stone to move forward, in peace, with love.

In the past, there was “No-thing”, there was darkness.  There was “Isolation” because of fear.  The past does not exist right now.  Whatever exists right now, is you.  And we were created as co-creators.  It matters not if you are an artist by profession – you are simply a creator, a creative force.  You manifest what you create, daily.  By your very thoughts, you create.  By your word and feelings, you manifest.
And so “Creativity” must be the base of our foundation right now.  That is the source we must stem from. We must not hide ourselves away in isolation, we must not keep things hidden within us, without expressing ourselves.

Before making any decisions, before taking any action, ask yourself:  Is it Creative?  Does it align with your own peace, your own happiness?  Is this a loving movement? Or do you think there could be more creativity, which is more aligned to your higher self?  Think first.  Pay attention to your feelings, they are your guide.

If your thoughts and actions are not sourced from a creative and loving place, you unconsciously choose the high road – where life unfolds a series of challenges, or lessons – this could be on repeat if you do not pay attention, and change your thoughts or actions.
What lays ahead on this road is “Exhaustion”, and “Clinging to the Past”.  This brings much anxiety, for our bodies are made to be in the present, yet our mind is in the past, which means that our heart and mind are not aligned.  It confuses the soul, and it is exhausting.

If your thoughts and actions are sourced from a creative and loving place within you, you are following your higher “Guidance”.  Your “Morals” will also be aligned and uplifted from following your higher guidance, as these can become clouded if we choose the high road.  Remember to stay centered in the now, and others will become aware of the example you set.

To continue along the Creative, Guided, Moral path, is to bring much reward and untold “Adventure”.  Ahead lay rainbows at your feet, with blooms all around you.  You are supported by the Universe, as Mother Nature supports her fresh blooms

Just remember, Creativity is the source.  Follow that loving creativity within you, and all will flow from there.


Many blessings be upon each breath you take ~ Arohanui & Namaste ~

Carolyn MagiThoth

Peaceful Hydrangeas Blooming – Healing Art Canvas Print

Peaceful Hydrangeas Blooming - Healing Art Canvas Print 2014

Peaceful Hydrangeas Blooming – Healing Art Canvas Print

This wonderful photo was taken whilst enjoying the beautiful grounds outdoors, and spying what beauty was ready to be found out there – and what a find!  Much different to the usual ones I see and I fell in love with it.

I just love this photo, its healing hues of vibrant pinks, purples and greens sing to my heart center, and add love to my visions, as I know that it will for you too =)

Pink is a very soothing colour, great for the Heart Chakra, and great for calming strong emotions, similar to rose quartz – and just like rose quartz, pink can be a great colour for babies and expectant mothers, relieving stress and bringing a soft energy into any room.

Purple is a great colour for visions and dreams, your Third Eye Chakra – just like amethyst – and like amethyst, is a soothing colour for headaches, sleep and is great for protection.

Green is another great colour for the Heart Chakra and encourages growth, abundance and is also great for soothing emotions.  This would be a great colour to have in places where you would work on special projects etc.

  • Limited Edition of 20 Canvas Prints – each hand numbered and signed.
  • Listing is for a photo on high quality canvas measuring 600 x 600mm.
  • Please note whether you prefer black sides, or white sides – please use the “Contact the Artist” page to email me, or go directly to my ETSY online shop and use the convenient drop down menu there.
  • Watermark “Pure Craft Nz” will NOT be printed onto the image.
  • Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery so it can be printed, blessed and sent on its happy way to you!


Prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

$150.00  NZD + P&H


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Shop & Buy in my Online ETSY Shop

Shop & Buy in my Online ETSY Shop

Random Tarot Card for the Day! Ace of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot

Shadowscapes Tarot – Artwork by Stephanie Pui-Man Law

This reading was divined with the enchanting scents of Rose, and Frankincense burning softly in the background.  If you would like to connect to this card or reading on a deeper level, please feel free to burn a little of these as you read.  You may find that by doing so, you can open yourself up to receive your own Divine messages as extra guidance.  Feel free to comment below.

Shadowscapes Tarot ~ Ace of Wands

A beautiful harmonic family of foxes gathers around this staff, this Ace of Wands, as it blooms with fire-like creativity illuminating all that surrounds it, in an Autumn sunset hue.  Even the creatures in nature that are all about, are so aligned with this creative energy, that they too seem invisible as they blend with the same light illuminating them.

This card comes as a message to remember your creative light – to do that which you are passionate and curious about – to remember all those things no matter how big or small – that make you happy.  Your light illuminates all those around you – and can spark a glow in other peoples lives too.  This illuminated fire-like creativity has the ability to catch on and spread like wildfire – inspiring many others as it goes.

But if you ever feel times get tough, frustrating, or you find yourself having negative views or feelings at any time – shift the focus of where you shine your light (your attention) and it will ignite better, more inspiring things to uplift and support you, which then rubs off on others around you.  Spend some time in nature, go for a walk, listen to your favourite music, light a candle or a little incense, read a peaceful book – whatever you decide, remember to just take some time for your Self, to come to center, and be present.
Doing things like this is kind of like a re-boot for the system, a good stepping stone for the mind, body, and soul to continue confidently forward – with heart, mind, and soul aligned for your highest good.

Remember to focus your light, your attention, onto things that make you happy!  Get creative, and let your light shine.


Many blessings be upon each footstep you take ~ Arohanui and Namaste ~

Carolyn MagiThoth x

Dust On The Road

Buddha - photo taken by Carolyn Caine-Caitlin - July 2014

Buddha circa 18th Century – Auckland Museum, New Zealand – 2014

“Do what you have to do resolutely, with all your heart.  The traveler who hesitates only raises dust on the road”.


Remember the emphasis on the heart.  Mind can never be one; by its very nature it is many.  And the heart is always one; by its very nature it cannot be many.  You cannot have many hearts, but you can have many minds.  Why?  — because the mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in love.  The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust.  The heart knows how to trust; it is trust that makes it one.  When you trust, suddenly you become centered.

When Buddha says “resolution”, he gives new meaning to our words.  He means out of a resolved heart – not out of willpower but out of a resolved heart.  And remember, he emphasizes the word “heart”, not the mind.  Willpower is part of the mind.  A resolved heart is a heart without problems, a heart which is no longer divided, a heart which has come to a state of stillness, silence.  That’s what he calls a resolved heart.

Do what you have to do resolutely, with all your heart.

Hence the significance of trust.  It does not matter whether your trust is in the right person or not.  It does not matter whether your trust will be exploited or not.  It does not matter whether you will be deceived because of your trust or not.  There is every possibility that you may be deceived – the world is full of deceivers.  What matters is that you trusted.  It is out of your trust that you become integrated, which is far more important than anything else.  It is not a question that first you have to be certain whether the person is worthy of trust or not.  How can you be certain?  And who will inquire?
It will be the mind, and the mind knows only how to doubt.  It will doubt.  It will doubt even a man like Christ or Buddha.  It can’t help itself.

So remember, trust does not mean that first you have to inquire, that first you have to make everything certain, guaranteed, and then you trust.  That is not trust, that is really doubt; because you have no more possibilities to doubt, hence you trust.  If another possibility arises of doubt, you will doubt again.  Trust is in spite of doubts, in spite of what the man is or what the man is going to do.  It is of the heart, it is out of love.

When you trust and love with a resolved heart it brings transformation.  Then you never hesitate.  Hesitation simply keeps you in fragments.  Taking a quantum leap, without any hesitation or in spite of all the hesitations, you become integrated.
Hesitations disappear; you become one.  And to become one is to be liberated – liberated from your own stupid crowd that exists inside of you, liberated from your thoughts and desires and memories, liberated from mind itself.

- Osho