Turquoise & Amethyst Wirewrapped Copper Ring

A one of a kind hand crafted Turquoise and Amethyst Copper Ring.


Turquoise & Amethyst Wirewrapped Copper Ring

Turquoise & Amethyst Wirewrapped Copper Ring

This ring has high protective, good luck and good fortune qualities, also providing the wearer with a good sleep and relief of headaches. A very calming and subtle yet powerful energy, the Copper also helps to alleviate toxins in the body, sometimes resulting in a green tint to the skin where it’s being worn – this washes off, but signifies higher acid content in the skin. Also very beneficial for people who suffer from Arthritis.

Size is 9.5 or 19.4mm around the knuckle.
It is adjustable to be only very slightly larger; or you can adjust it smaller.

$54.00 NZD + P&H

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