Creativity is the Stepping Stone to Move Forward

Heart Chakra - Healing Art
Heart Chakra – Healing Art

Spirit has come to me with a message – through an Osho Zen Tarot reading.

The message is this:

Creativity is the stepping stone to move forward, in peace, with love.

In the past, there was “No-thing”, there was darkness.  There was “Isolation” because of fear.  The past does not exist right now.  Whatever exists right now, is you.  And we were created as co-creators.  It matters not if you are an artist by profession – you are simply a creator, a creative force.  You manifest what you create, daily.  By your very thoughts, you create.  By your word and feelings, you manifest.
And so “Creativity” must be the base of our foundation right now.  That is the source we must stem from. We must not hide ourselves away in isolation, we must not keep things hidden within us, without expressing ourselves.

Before making any decisions, before taking any action, ask yourself:  Is it Creative?  Does it align with your own peace, your own happiness?  Is this a loving movement? Or do you think there could be more creativity, which is more aligned to your higher self?  Think first.  Pay attention to your feelings, they are your guide.

If your thoughts and actions are not sourced from a creative and loving place, you unconsciously choose the high road – where life unfolds a series of challenges, or lessons – this could be on repeat if you do not pay attention, and change your thoughts or actions.
What lays ahead on this road is “Exhaustion”, and “Clinging to the Past”.  This brings much anxiety, for our bodies are made to be in the present, yet our mind is in the past, which means that our heart and mind are not aligned.  It confuses the soul, and it is exhausting.

If your thoughts and actions are sourced from a creative and loving place within you, you are following your higher “Guidance”.  Your “Morals” will also be aligned and uplifted from following your higher guidance, as these can become clouded if we choose the high road.  Remember to stay centered in the now, and others will become aware of the example you set.

To continue along the Creative, Guided, Moral path, is to bring much reward and untold “Adventure”.  Ahead lay rainbows at your feet, with blooms all around you.  You are supported by the Universe, as Mother Nature supports her fresh blooms

Just remember, Creativity is the source.  Follow that loving creativity within you, and all will flow from there.


Many blessings be upon each breath you take ~ Arohanui & Namaste ~

Carolyn MagiThoth

“DNA Generational Echo Healing” & the Caduceus

Healing the “Generational Echo” (which I call it – from Thoth) starts by reprogramming your DNA, by the way you think and live your life. I will liken it to the visual of a Caduceus:

The Caduceus, a rod with two intertwining snakes woven around it, up to a solar disk with wings.
This represents the Rising of the Kundalini: the snake in the Base (Chakra) of your spine, which with learning, evolves and rises up through your chakras, your Tree of Life, up to your Crown (Chakra) and when you become enlightened, you become illuminated.

Here’s my new info on the symbolism of the Caduceus (keeping in mind I have never read or heard of this before) – however new research by Russian scientists that have proved Mindfulness techniques, thoughts and other mystical intent etc can reprogram our DNA, lends extra weight to what I’ve been thinking (will link the article here plus images in an update):

Once you have reached illumination (the shining disk with wings – Caduceus), you will have attained Cosmic/Christ Consciousness and Unconditional Love within you. With this higher awareness, you are now in the realization that you are the Creator of your life.
From this illuminated stand point, the Cosmic Mind you have attained (aligned thinking), has given you the conscious ability to reprogram your DNA, effectively allowing you to hand down the healed Echo for generations to come.
As above, So Below. What goes up, must come down.
So in visual reference to the Caduceus, think of the snakes as the double helix pattern of our DNA. Once the Rising of the Kundalini is complete, and you have reached illumination, you have the ability to heal your DNA and any dysfunctional Echo’s, and the blessing of passing down a healed code.

A “Generational Echo” is a behaviour, mental illness or dis-ease handed down throughout family lines, through DNA. It can also be positive behaviors, well being, and right thought.
This means that genetic behaviours can be healed within you if you had something passed down so as not to suffer the same fate – (not sure about health yet but thoughts lead to health, so it’s possible). It also means that healed Echo’s in the DNA can also be passed down.

For instance: being cruel can lead to generations of cruelty. Being cruel is one of the things that leads to high blood pressure and heart disease/attack.
If the person suffering from cruelty or being cruel worked to correct the thinking and the environment that leads to the cruelty, and maintains a new way of thought, and way of living stemmed from the new thoughts, they have the ability to pass down the healed Echo, effectively: healed dna.
If the way of thinking changes, lifestyle changes. Does this mean that they have also healed the dis-ease that was stemmed by polluted thoughts??

I think it’s highly possible. It is my personal belief that these unique “codes” within my healing jewellery and crafts, could have a healing benefit upon the unique DNA coding within each person, effectively assisting the healing of a “broken code”.

Here are some supporting links I’ve found recently:  This one especially made me go wow, it’s exactly what I’ve been thinking!
and this:
and this:


I hope you enjoyed.

Many blessings be upon thee!

Carolyn “MagiThoth” Caine-Caitlin  – [thoughts related to Guidance from Thoth the Atlantean]


Christmas: Spirit of Being Present

Well, it’s been a nice, relaxing Christmas this year.  I can’t complain, which is always good! Was just grateful to have my children and my mum for the day and evening, and have happy, excited children, lots of chocolate, a yummy roast chicken, old school games of Battleship, water-wars and lots of laughs!

To me Christmas is always about feelings and the way we treat each other. Not just in that season, but always, in all ways. Christmas to me means: Christ = Christos = Spirit. Mass = a gathering of people, or a crowd. So I could say that Christmas is about the Spirit of Gathering Together. The Spirit of Being Present. The sharing of our loving Spirit with others, and with ourselves. A time to reflect and hold strong to our loving Spirit, and to see it reflected in all of those around us, no matter the hardships. A Time to Be Present.

And there are many out there suffering many hardships and loss, and I want to take the time to acknowledge them. I am thinking of you, I recognize you and I *do* feel you. And I send you many healing blessings at a rate you can manage. May you be blessed. May you come into your own becoming. May you know thyself.
You are loved by the Universe, and are One with the All.
Keep Archaea Faith close by and Archangel Michael to protect you as you walk forward into amazing uncertainty – know that you are a living, breathing, vibrating, pure soul and Sun of the All. You are here for a reason, and that is to be happy and experience Joy. You are Joy. Now DO Joy, and DO what makes you happy! No matter how small, no matter how simple, it is SO very important for your soul growth. LET GO, Let Go, let go……
Breathe it all out, cry it all out. Give up and scream out your cares to the Universe! You will be heard!

I too, had faced many many hardships and for a long time didn’t have a good Christmas, nor many good years, which is why I’m so grateful, to have that which is so simple yet overlooked: Those who care enough to wish me well, no matter how many or few; a relaxing day without drama; smiles from my children; love and laughter. Those were the best presents I could have ever hoped for!

You see… I think Christmas is more about Being Present and Giving Your Presence – than it is about receiving or giving presents…

Many blessings, Arohanui and Namaste _/][\_

Carolyn MagiThoth  x