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“Mystic Mondays” Free Reading! 2nd Nov 2015

Angels_AscendedMasters_2ndNov2015You are invited to choose a card or a Rune – or both – for a FREE Reading!

  1. Feel free to choose a card or Elder Futhark Rune Stone (before scrolling down).  Get comfortable, relax, and take a deep breath – choose the card you feel most drawn to.  You are free to choose more than one if you like!
  2. If you have a question, hold this in your mind.  If not, Spirit will guide you.
  3. Below, are the meanings to your readings – just click on the link for the PDF file.
  4. You are most welcome to comment below with your choice, and any feedback or questions you might have.
  5. Feel free to share with your friends or family who may be interested!

This reading has been performed with blessings asked for your highest good, and highest healing benefit – with Clove, and Pathcouli incense burning softly in the background.
You many like to burn a little of these incenses if you have them, to make a deeper connection with your reading.

Healing with the Angels Oracle, and the Ascended Masters Oracle – Your Meanings:




Because this is a larger reading, I have assembled the readings in pages here on the site, and in PDF files which you can view online, or in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


I do hope you enjoy,

Arohanui & Namaste ~  Carolyn MagiThoth x

New Meditative Colouring Mandala!

For some time, I have been wanting to create my own Mandalas to colour in.  And now, I have created my very first one and am happy to share it with you!  I call it:  Mandala of the Heart.  I do hope you enjoy.

Mandala of the Heart
Mandala of the Heart. Click to enlarge, then right click to save or print.

If you love colouring, and love Mandalas – then this is for you.
Colouring in a Mandala brings One into the Present Moment, by allowing ourselves to concentrate, and focus upon being accurate with our colouring and manipulation of our pencil, by focusing upon each shape, its placement, the colour it will be, or the effect you may desire to create.

Colour has a great vibratory healing effect, resonating with different frequencies and Chakras (which include 7 main energy centers) in our body.
For instance, the colours which align with the Heart Chakra, are Pink, or Green.

By working with different colours, you allow healing by opening and aligning respective Chakras, to create a greater balance in your life, from within.

So, get creative and see what magick you can create!
You can find all my Meditative Colouring Mandalas under the Product Gallery drop down menu.

Many blessings, Arohanui, and Namaste ~


Down to Earth Sustainability & Lifestyle Expo – Mt. Maunganui

Hey there everyone, I just wanted to announce some great news!!  I have been invited by the Bay of Plenty Times to participate in this years first ever “Down to Earth” Sustainability and Lifestyle Expo, November 28th and 29th 2015!!  That’s just a few short weeks away!

If you’re in the Mt. Maunganui/Bay of Plenty/Tauranga region – feel free to pop on over and say hi, we would love to see you there!  Perhaps you will find a unique, one of a kind treasure for yourself or a loved one?

Kindest regards, and looking forward to meeting you in person!
Carolyn x


“Mystic Mondays” Free Reading! 5th Oct 2015

Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides, and Celtic Messages
Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides, and Celtic Messages

You are invited to choose a card for a FREE Reading!

  1. Feel free to choose a card (before scrolling down).  Get comfortable, relax, and take a deep breath – choose the card you feel most drawn to.  You are free to choose more than one if you like!
  2. Below, are the meanings to your readings.
  3. You are most welcome to comment below with your choice, and any feedback or questions you might have.
  4. Feel free to share with your friends or family who may be interested!

This reading has been performed with blessings asked for your highest good, and highest healing benefit – with Myrrh incense burning softly in the background.
You many like to burn a little of this incense if you have it, to make a deeper connection with your reading.

Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides, and Celtic Messages – Your Meanings:




  1.  Top Left:  Humpback Whale

    Music is essential to your healing and well being, whether singing, playing an instrument, or listening.

    In Chinese, the symbol for Medicine is actually derived from the symbol for Music.  Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for over 5000 years for healing.  Even in Shamanism, the Medicine Man would ask his patient when he had stopped singing – if it had been quite some time, then singing, playing an instrument or listening to music was recommended as beneficial to their healing process.

    You have drawn this card today as a sign that music will be of great benefit to you.  Whatever aspect of music you love the most, you are encouraged to turn up that stereo, get singing, or pull out that favourite instrument and let yourself flow with the healing sounds.

    Other possible meanings:  Singing, Breath-work, Sound Healing, Sensitivity, Alchemy, Ancestral Wisdom, Creativity, Inner Depths, Insight, Healing, Release, and Guardianship.

     Top Right:  Zebra

    Let go of your fear and know that you are safe and protected at all times.

     Sometimes when we enter the realm of the unknown or unfamiliar, it’s quite natural to feel some doubt or fear, perhaps even some anxiety.  Our minds have an uncanny ability to create doubt and dream up certain possible scenarios as to how things may go wrong – the path can become clouded and uncertain.  Challenges may seem to present themselves, and there may be the feeling of being stuck and uncertain of which is the best step to take – if any.  Many people nowadays seem to attribute the label of “fear” to many things – but it isn’t “true” fear.  True fear is essential, it is vital, and it is something that can potentially save you from a life-threatening situation.

    You have drawn this card as a reminder to come back to centre, to let go, ground, and make sure you are getting enough of the basics, such as sleep, healthful food and beverages, and exercise etc.  Take some time to yourself, and mentally relax your mind and muscles, from your head to your toes.  Remember to breathe.  In these times, it can be very valuable to reach out to those closest to you for some laughter or support and enjoy the company of others.  And remember, you can call on your angels or spirit guides to help, support and assist you as well – they are always there for you.

    Other possible meanings:  Protection, Guardianship, Alertness, Kindheartedness, Compassion, Individuality, Compromise, Challenge, Analysis, Illusion, Magick, Sure-footedness, Confidence, Changes, Agility.

    Bottom Left:  The Hillfort – Refuge, Safety, Security

    Hillforts were large, defensive structures containing both homes and stores.  They were protected by high banks and deep ditches and were often built on hilltops.  They kept the inhabitants within safe and secure, and provided great protection – except for the most persevering of enemies.

    This card has come to you today to remind of ‘safety in numbers”.  Sometimes when we don’t feel safe, or feel as though we need to defend, we need to gather with like minded people who feel the same – whether it is on a personal, local or global scale.  In Celtic tradition, sometimes attack can be the best form of defence.  And in these challenging times, we need to stick together for the greatest good of all.  So call a friend – or a few! – join a discussion group, or support a cause that you are passionate about and get involved.

    Bottom Right:  Dagger – Defence, Security

    In Celtic tradition, most adults would carry upon their person a small dagger.  It was usually used for food, but if the need came, it could be used for defence.

    This card brings a warning of potential danger from a nearby source.  It could be from a person, situation, event, or something you are working on – if you have chosen another card here today,  that may help clarify.  This card urges you take the right steps to defend yourself.  Ensure your own actions and words are diligent, remember to treat others with kindness and courtesy, and try to defuse any unpleasant situations rather than fanning the flames before things may come undone, or reach a critical point.  You may also like to remember a safe person or place to retreat to incase things turn sour.  If you can remember to be peaceful and kind to others, you lessen any karmic debt coming back upon you.  This may also mean that instead of pushing an issue, it may be wiser to use the power of silence during this time until things have time to settle.

With much love, may you blessed with every footstep upon your journey.

Arohanui & Namaste ~  Carolyn x

“Mystic Mondays” Free Reading! 31st August 2015

Celtic Messages – above, Healing with the Angles Oracle – below
You are invited to choose a card for A FREE Reading!
  1. Feel free to choose a card (before scrolling down).  Take a deep breath, and choose the one you feel most drawn to.  You are free to choose more than one if you like!
  2. Below, are the meanings.
  3. You are most welcome to comment below with your choice, and any feedback or questions you might have.
  4. Feel free to share with your friends or family who may be interested!

This reading has been performed with blessings asked for your highest good, and highest healing benefit – with Nag Champa incense burning softly in the background.  You may like to burn a little of this incense to invoke a deeper connection with your reading.


Celtic Messages, and Healing with the Angels Oracle – Your Meanings:




  1.  Top Left:  The Wildwood – Disorientation, Temptation, Excitement

    You have been drawn to this card today because there is a strong temptation to give in to your instincts and impulses right now.  You are craving excitement, perhaps even the unusual and exhilarating – you yearn to be taken out of yourself for a while, and do something totally different – where you are free, adventurous and spontaneous.  Indulge yourself in this feeling, but make sure you have a safe passage home.  Be wary of strangers or dangers on your path, and familiarize yourself with any new surroundings.  This may take away slightly from the spontaneity, but even the most courageous and brave hunter, never enters the forest without first being armed!

    *This one fell from the deck during the shuffle, indicating an important message from Spirit.


  2. Top Right:  The Crow – A New Start, Clearing the Ground

    You have been drawn to this card today, as this is a sign it’s time for a new start.  Right now is a great time to examine your life, clear the ground, and get rid of anything that is no longer needed.  You may like to give away, or recycle items or things you no longer desire or have use for.  Like the Crow, let nothing be wasted, but also be ruthless with what you choose to keep.  Getting rid of things you no longer require, can also mean situations, people, habits or even ideas that you feel may be holding you back from achieving your potential.
    This card says to be more discriminating in the future, and to be careful with whom, and how you spend your time.

  3. Bottom Left:  Ideas & Inspiration

    Card Meaning:  Pay Attention to new thoughts and ideas that come to you.  They are seeds of magnificent co-creations with God.

    God, the Divine, the Universe – speaks to you through your thoughts – and choosing this card today, shows that the angels (messengers) want you to notice and follow the repetitive thoughts you may be having recently.  These thoughts are higher guidance, and answers to your prayers – not just your imagination.

    By drawing this card, the angels seek to support you, to lend you confidence in the fact that you are very capable of receiving Divine guidance and wonderful new ideas, just as any other beloved child of God.  All higher guidance thoughts and ideas, are of a Divine nature, and right now – you are being urged to follow them.  If they support your highest good, then move forward with confidence.

  4. Bottom Right:  Support

    Card Meaning:  God, the angels, and the Ascended Masters who love, protect, and guide you are watching over you right now.  You are not alone, and you are safe!

    This card has come to you as reassurance that you are not alone, and that you are a part of a much greater community of spirits, powerful, loving, creative, and supportive.  Every one of us has guides that watch over, protect an guide us – often intervening at crucial times, or sending us signs and messages along our path.  If ever you need their help, assistance or protection, they are there for you instantly – all you need to do is ask.

    By drawing this card today, the angels (messengers) ask you to call on them more frequently.  You may even call on them to assist you in helping others, as right now is a time where so many people are in great need of care and loving support.


With much love and many blessings upon your journey,

Arohanui & Namaste ~  Carolyn x

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Giveaway!!

Visit www.facebook.com/PureCraftNz to be in to win!
Visit http://www.facebook.com/PureCraftNz to be in to win!

Pure Craft Nz is Having a Giveaway!

***CRYSTAL GIVEAWAY TIME!!!*** Rainbow Moonstone!!

Since we are having a rare “Blue Moon” tonight, I thought it would only be fitting to have a giveaway of a beautiful Rainbow Moonstone, which gets a wonderful Blue Flash in the light!

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This crystal will bathe beneath the energy of the Full Blue Moon tonight, absorbing its wonderful energies for the new Keeper’s highest good.

Best of Luck!!!

*This giveaway is open internationally.
**Ends this Sunday 2nd August 2015, at 9pm New Zealand time.

This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.
Winner will be announced on the page, and notified/tagged in their comment below.

Winner must PM me here on the page, or email me at carolyn_purecraftnz@LIVE.com with address details which are kept private and confidential.

Good luck everybody!!

With much love, and many blessings ~ Carolyn xx

Guidance from the Shadowscapes Tarot – Three of Wands

Three of Wands - Shadowscapes Tarot
Shadowscapes Tarot – Artwork by Stephanie Pui-Man Law

This reading was divined with the soothing scent of Ylang Ylang burning softly in the background.  If you would like to connect to this card or reading on a deeper level, please feel free to burn a little of these as you read or gaze into the image.  You may find that by doing so, you can open yourself up to receive your own Divine messages as extra guidance.  Feel free to comment below.

Shadowscapes Tarot ~ Three of Wands

A woman stands at the edge of the world, upon an unsure stone bridge stretching out across a vast valley, overlooking a wonderful river flowing by.  All is as it is meant to be.
This woman stands, gazing at the distant horizon… pondering her next step.  Does she turn back, as some of those before her have done?  Or does she take a “leap of faith” into an uncertain future?   Those who have come and gone before her have left hints at their journeys and dreams, represented by the wands standing absolute in the stone bridge behind her.  Will she leave her dreams upon the bridge also?

The world before her is so beautiful.  The sun, the river, the valleys, the sky…  She takes a leap of faith, and the stone bridge starts to form anew beneath her feet.  She creates her own path, her own bridge to cross – perhaps into an uncertain future – but it is hers, and she is claiming it with faith and trust.

This card has found its way to you today, as encouragement to keep going, to take a leap of faith, and to follow your heart and dreams.  This is YOUR path.  Claim it!  And trust that this beautiful world and Universe only wishes to take care of your deepest desires and heartfelt dreams, if you would only be brave enough to take the steps toward them.  Have no fear, leave fear behind you – and step forward into certain uncertainty.  Take a risk – because if your heart truly beats in the direction of your dreams – the Universe will conspire to make them so.

With many blessings and much love wished for you upon your journey,
Namaste and arohanui – Carolyn x