My name is Carolyn “MagiThoth” Caine-Caitlin.  I am the artist at Pure Craft Nz.

Firstly, I am solo-mother of three awesome boys named Bronson, Sean and Saxon – aged 15, 12 and 5 years old respectively, who keep me very busy!
These boys are a great source of my inspiration and have their own amazing spiritual stories to tell.  My eldest son Bronson who was born three months prematurely, suffering severe brain damage and paralysis after I slipped down some stairs during a very tough time in life [there is a link to his story on this page – more coming soon], is a great testament to the healing relief of crystals and the Power of our Minds.  They have all taught me a lot.

I know, without doubt, the healing benefits of crystals, by witnessing their effects on my children, myself, friends, family members, and people all across the world.  They are True Earth Magick, and I intend to begin writing tales or our experiences when I can, and add them to this website.

I have a big background in art and the spiritual arena, with many specific “spiritual gifts”.  One of these “gifts” in particular, is the gift of Clear Spiritual Communication.  This was gifted to me by Archangel Michael in my early twenties – perhaps around 10 years ago now, and has been amazing since… lots of stories in that regard too!

Academically, I have studied in many locations within New Zealand, in numerous art diplomas and degrees, specialising in 2D and 3D Animation and Fine Art.  I am also self taught to a large degree.

I am a published poet, and enjoy writing different things from time to time – mainly poetry, sutras and philosophical concepts – often receiving direct spiritual information from my aligned Spiritual Guide, the Ancient Atlantean/Egyptian God Thoth.

I have had a gift for reading the Tarot and Oracle for around 18 years now with great accuracy, my healing gifts spanning the same amount of time.  I have had visions and de ja vu’s coming true since before the age of 10, but a lot of it was dismissed as I was brought up in a family that wasn’t familiar with a spiritual side to life.  I broke away from the Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was 12, though I very much enjoyed the stories of the Bible, and still do – even though I am not religious.

I have a great interest in the many cultures and beliefs across the planet, and believe all have their Truths.  I have spiritual connections with many lands, but find I have a very Eastern side to me and love and align with the Buddha’s concepts.

I decided to create my own business in January 2012 upon the inspiration that my healing creations that started selling, coupled with my healing abilities and intent, are able to be passed through the stones and metals which also have their own unique healing abilities.  It is my belief that the unique process in which each piece is created, the intent and the preparation with Spirit that I undergo before, during, and after creation – is an integral part of the passing on of great healing to those who are seeking it.
It has now been scientifically proven (which confirms the conclusions I had come to, through Guidance from Thoth) that these processes have the ability to alter our DNA, healing us from a cellular level.  [For more info, please follow the link to my Esoteric site].

An interesting fact:

The name Pure Craft Nz comes from my last name: Caine-Caitlin, meaning Pure Craftsman.  I also create all of my healing items using Sacred Sounds, which also aligns with my first name meaning: Pretty Melody or Joyous Song.

Please visit the “Contact the Artist” page to organise yourself a reading, or to request a custom piece of healing jewellery or dream catcher etc.

Many blessings be upon every breath you take _/][\_

Carolyn x

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