Hi!  My name is Carolyn, and I have a great passion for Crystals and many forms of Natural Healing Therapies, Divination using Tarot & Oracle Cards, and Mindfulness Techniques.

I specialise in creating beautiful Healing Crystal Medicine Jewellery, Dream Catchers, Amulets and other awesome crafts and tools for particular healing benefits and relief.
Some of the treasures I create also feature Sacred Geometry and the Elder Futhark Runes.

Each piece I create is unique and one of a kind.  All creations are individually guided and “coded” by Spirit through Song and Sacred Sound, and upon completion are blessed with healing Intent, using Ancient Techniques.

Please use the “SEARCH” option here on the page if there is something you need healing relief from, or if you are looking for a favourite crystal.  Just type in a keyword such as ‘Headaches’, ‘Energy’, ‘Rose Quartz’ or ‘Rune Stones’, and anything I have will come up in your search.

Below is a link to my Online Etsy Shop, just click the image!

Arohanui & Namaste.


Healing treasures – Orthoceras Fossil Blades, Fluorite, Ametrine and beautiful crystal beads.


Charging new Healing Crystal Treasures with a sacred, hand beaten Tibetan Singing Bowl. This clears them of any unwanted negative energy, and charges them with good stuff!


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